Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process:

The Peer Review Policy is the most essential tool in assessing the quality of publication process that analyzes, validates, and integrates new research findings. Peer review process will not allow low quality scientific articles to reach scientific community. In this process, Editors or Reviewers will analyze the content of the article from every point of view before accepted for publication including its discoveries, innovations and its impact and significance.

Types of Peer Review
The four commonly used types of peer review that are currently being used by journals includes:
Open Review:  The open review is essentially the most transparent type of peer review. In this system the identity of the author and the reviewer is known by all participants, during or after the review process. 
Single-blind peer review:When a manuscript undergoes single-blind peer review,Here author doesn’t know the identiy of the reviewer. This is believed to be the most conventional type of peer review process and has been used most frequently for scientific publication.
Double-blind peer review: The double-blind peer-review system involves blinding of both the author and reviewer information. Thus, neither the author nor the reviewer is aware of the other’s identity.
Triple-blind peer review: Similar to that in the double-blind peer-review system, the author is blinded to reviewer information. Further, author information is hidden from both the reviewer and the journal editor. In order to ensure such a high degree of blinding, the articles are submitted in an anonymous manner and the entire process of submission to publication is tailored to support the anonymity.

The Olites Publishers follows the Double-blind peer refereeing which helps to alleviate the problem of devious means of refereeing. This process is ideal for eliminating any potential bias; further, it works well with the authors working in developing countries and for those who have ‘ordinary’ eminence.

What to do if a publisher comes across plagiarism content in any of olites journal?

Please inform the editorial office by providing journal name, title of manuscript, author name, issue number, year of publication and other relevant information. We will handle the situation according to plagiarism policy.

Strengths of Peer Review Process