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Olites is an international online open access publisher of peer-reviewed journals, was to spread information among scientists in a variety of domains of pharmaceuticals, clinical medicine, biomedicine, and medical science sectors for the benefit of scholarly and professional communities around the globe.
Open Access
Olites has grown to become one of the fastest growing open access publications. We are now positioned alongside the top publishers with readers from all over the world.
Our Vision
To provide an open science platform for the scientific community and to give all of our researchers and scientists the same chances, without any restrictions, to seek out and exchange ideas.
Our Mission
Our primary goal is to improve research quality and investigate it globally to increase researchers understanding and improve their research endeavors. We make significant contributions to the scientific and technological communities by constantly seeking to create assets that are remarkable and accessible to a worldwide audience.

Welcome to Olites Publishers

Olites is an international, online open access publisher of peer reviewed journals and it was established with a sole motive to disseminate knowledge among the scientific community in various topical areas of science & technology for the scholarly and professional communities worldwide.

Why with Olites

Olites Publishers was founded with the goal of expanding the body of knowledge in a wide range of scientific, medical, and life sciences fields by providing open access to high-impact scientific and medical information that has undergone worldwide peer review. All papers submitted undergo double-blind peer review process under the direction of esteemed Editorial Board Members.

Recent Articles

Journal of Clinical Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diagnosis

Journal of Clinical Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diagnosis

Journal of Clinical Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diagnosis

Journal of Clinical Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diagnosis

Our journals cover a wide range of topics, including the most recent findings in the fields of dentistry, pediatrics, diabetes, ophthalmology, orthopedics, biotechnology, and virology (which covers all of our journal themes).


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